My cannabis dispensary got rid of my number one CBD product.

I walked into the cannabis dispensary to get my number one CBD product, only to be told they no longer carried it.

  • I was told that entirely few people recommended that product, and they couldn’t keep it in stock; hoping I would come into the cannabis dispensary and want to purchase it.

I was infuriated that I wasn’t about to purchase the CBD product since I was out of it, but I understood their reasoning. I asked if they knew of any cannabis dispensaries that may carry the product, however one pharmacist was out on the sales floor, and he overheard my question. He came over and asked what CBD product I was interested in. I showed him the packaging and said it was the only topical that worked for my pain and RLS. He excused himself and said he would be right back. Although they didn’t have the exact product I had been using, he had something similar. He offered a sample of the update product and told myself and others to try it. If it worked plus the other product I bought at the medical marijuana dispensary, he would ‌put a couple of bottles back for me. The product still had the same amount of CBD, however the THC was different. I didn’t need to worry about there being so much THC that I would get high, but I was entirely getting some relief from the arthritis. A month later, I was at the medical cannabis dispensary buying the numerous bottles of CBD/THC that he had recommended I try. I wanted to make sure I had enough to last awhile, just in case they got rid of this product love they had the other.


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