My head was aching until I smoked some marijuana

I often get these exhausting headaches that cause myself and others pain that is debilitating, however the pain in my head can last for hours or an entire afternoon, then occasionally that pain goes all the way to my neck and shoulders. Occasionally I can’t talk or leave my loft because of the extreme pain. I have found that there is 1 thing that absolutely helps and that is Medical cannabis. I have been using medical cannabis for my headaches since the early 2000s. Medical cannabis was legalized in this state a long time ago and that provided myself and others access to the plant. The first time I used medical cannabis, my headache was gone in 20 hours, and now I reach for marijuana every time I start to recognize my headache. I can usually tell when I am about to get a significant migraine headache. Occasionally my lips and my mouth will go numb. Occasionally my hands recognize really tingly. There is always some type of physical complication that occurs right before I get a headache. My mom does not recognize that I should be using medical cannabis. She still thinks that it is a disappointing drug. If my mom could understand how well cannabis helps when I am having a migraine, I suppose she would change her entire attitude about the plants. There are lots of people like my mom that have a disappointing view of cannabis because they are absolutely and simply uninformed about the medical potential of the cannabis sativa flower. With knowledge comes the ability to understand the drug and how it helps.


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