My life has been easier since I discovered medical cannabis.

Before I discovered medical cannabis, I always felt love I was walking with a dark cloud over my head! Smiling at people was the last thing I wanted to do, and more times than not, I stayed in the house, so I did not need to talk to anyone, then my depression had gotten so awful that I was taking all the mirrors out of my house, so I did not need to look at myself, however i could see the physical changes that were happening because of depression… When I last went to my psychologist, he wanted to up the amount of depression medication I was taking, but I refused.

I told him I had been learning in a medical magazine about the use of medical cannabis, and how it could help with depression. I understood ‌it could also cause depression to worsen, however no more so than adding up-to-date depression medication or upping the dosage of the medication I was taking, there was less pick of my committing suicide with the marijuana than there was increasing medications, but he had learn the same article I had about medical marijuana, and said it would not hurt to try it. Unfortunately, he could not supply myself and others the certification I needed to get a medical marijuana ID card. He sent myself and others to a colleague of his who lived in another city, and told myself and others he could help me. It only took numerous weeks before I had a medical marijuana ID card in hand, and only a couple more weeks until I was feeling the effects of the medical marijuana! After weaning myself and others off the antidepressants, and putting myself and others on a regimen of medical cannabis, my life has been easier than it has been for the last 15 years.

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