Take your shows seriously

When I first started doing stand-up comedy years ago I wanted to be a sharp-tongued & acerbic observational comic.

Someonewho was funny, however also had something crucial to say.

That never particularly played out for me, & over the last few months I have become a pothead comic. I mean that in 2 particular ways, because our on-stage persona is that of a mumble-mouthed pothead, & obviously most of our audience are stoned. For the record, I never get high before a single show, although afterward I will smoke a little cannabis to unwind. I had to eventually change our act because I started getting more bookings for local cannabis dispensaries & smokers lounges & I wanted to get along with that audience. It turns out that I am much funnier as a cannabis comic then with our old act. What people don’t understand about performing is that all those classic stoner potheads you see in films & cable aren’t particularly smoking cannabis. Not only is it totally illegal to use cannabis on professional film sets & studios, however it also interferes heavily with many actors being able to remember your lines. In other words, the most famous performer potheads in the world are just good actors pretending to use cannabis on the real camera. I am not nearly as fun when I do comedy after smoking any amount of marijuana, because it impacts our sense of timing. I am easily more convincing as a pothead when I have no cannabis in our system, isn’t that insane? That is precisely why even when I perform in a cannabis dispensary I never get high before a show.

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