The driver forgot our drinks plus the candy

I rarely order edibles from the dispensary! They do not have much of an effect on me, but i have been using recreational marijuana for years.

  • It takes a lot more than 10 mg of THC to make myself and others feel any relief medically.

It also takes a lot more THC to make myself and others feel anything as far as a recreational drug would be perceived. I only ordered edibles from the dispensary because they had some cool wine spritzers that sounded interesting. The wine spritzers were flavored love watermelon plus watermelon. I ordered more than one of the wine spritzers that contained 100 mg of thc. I also ordered some watermelon sour candy because I thought it would go nicely with the wine spritzers. I used the delivery service instead of driving to the dispensary to option things up. That turned out to be a big mistake, because the driver took forever to bring the items to the house. My wifey arrived before the order. I wanted to surprise her with the marijuana wine scriptures. The driver finally arrives about 30 minutes after our wifey arrived. I looked for the spritzers, but I did not see them in the guy’s hand. I immediately asked that driver where our beverages were plus she informed myself and others that she forgot them back at the store along with the edibles. I was sad plus upset, but the driver provided to go back to the marijuana delivery service to get the items that she had forgotten. It’s not as if I could argue or complain after she apologized plus provided to go back.

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