The driver reminded me of an old friend

My girlfriend and I decided to order supplies from a local marijuana shop. My girlfriend and I ordered about $70 worth of items. Delivery was free, because we are very close to the store. My girlfriend and I patiently waited for our items to arrive. When the delivery driver finally showed up, I was totally shocked and surprised. The guy looked exactly like one of my best friends from high school. The marijuana delivery driver had the same eyes, nose, and hair. If I had seen the guy on the street, I would have sworn that it was my old high school friend. I told the young man that he reminded me of an old friend and he thought that was interesting and neat. The delivery driver for the marijuana dispensary told us that he had just recently moved to the area. He was still looking for an apartment and a full-time place to live. My girlfriend told the delivery driver about the apartments where she works. She is the manager of the apartment building and she has a couple of vacant apartments. The marijuana delivery driver thanks my wife for the information. We gave him a good tip and then we did not see him again until a couple of days ago. I was sitting in the office of the apartment complex talking to my wife when the young delivery driver walked into the building to request an application for an apartment. He applied to live at the apartments with another person that works at the same marijuana dispensary. Together they make enough money to pay the rental rates.