The guy gave me king cones instead of 1 ¼

I’m really terrible at rolling a joint.

I have tried 100 different times, but the weed consistently ends up falling out the back or the sides.

I really like smoking joints, so I had to find a better way to roll our own. I found a product that is called a cone. a cone looks like an ice cream cone. The bottom of the cone is connected to a filter. The cone is empty plus can be filled with marijuana. The top of the cone can then be closed so the joint can be smoked; After I discovered cones, I never went back to rolling a joint again. I buy all of our cones from a smoke shop that is close to the marijuana dispensary. The smoke shop offers all of their products for $2.99. This is definitely the cheapest place there is to buy cones plus rolling papers. Another smoke shop just down the street charges a dollar more for the products. I purchased various packages of the a single plus a single quarter size cones. They hold about a full gram of marijuana or 2. Unblessedly, the guy behind the counter gave me the king size cones instead. I did not realize it until I got back home. The king size cones only have several in a pack instead of various plus they are much larger in size. It’s fun to roll up a immense joint, but it’s not like I can smoke the whole thing on our own. I end up putting half of it in the ashtray until later. When I option up the joint to smoke it, it tastes like Ash plus does not have the same particular plus distinctive flavor that the marijuana should have when smoking a joint.



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