The last delivery of the day was a nice older lady

Friday nights are easily one of the busiest nights of the week at the dispensary. I usually stay out until almost 11:00 with the last of the deliveries. Last Friday was no different at all. I left the dispensary at 9:30. I had five orders. They were all in different places around the city. By the end of the evening I was super tired and ready to call it a night. My last delivery turned out to be a really nice older woman. She gave me a big tip and even offered to make me some food. She looked like she wanted company, but I was really tired and beat at the end of a long day. I honestly just wanted to go back to the marijuana dispensary so I could clock out and go home. I asked the old woman if I could get a rain check. She looked a little disappointed, but she gave me her telephone number and said to drop by anytime. My day off was on Sunday and I decided to stop at the house of the woman to say hello. She seemed very surprised to see me, but in a really good way. She invited me into the house and we talked for almost an hour. Her name is Carol and she spent twenty years in the navy. She has five kids, but none of the children live close anymore. They have all moved away and they rarely visit. I told Carol about me too. I also brought her some goodies from the store that were promotional samples and items that I knew she would love. Carol and I will be friends for life.


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