Using CBD products to treat chronic kidney pain

I’m from a family of people with a wide variety of health troubles.

My mother for instance has Crohn’s Disease while his father had numerous sclerosis. Both of them struggled with chronic pain and serious attacks from the disorders throughout their lifetimes, although my mother is still around and suffering from Crohn’s. My father’s side of the family is full of mental health troubles, heart conditions, and kidney disease. Unluckyly, the kidney troubles are fairly severe. My father has spongy kidney disease and so does my sibling. They both get at least 1 kidney cement per month depending on other factors that increase or decrease the likelihood of their perpetual kidney gravel to develop into stones sizable enough to cause painful blockages. You could gamble with using opiates to treat kidney pain, however they both have opted for other solutions. Aside from traditional cannabis products with high THC, my sibling and my Mom also treat their kidney pain with CBD products. They vaporize CBD concentrates and have amazing results instantly as the CBD immediately starts to kick in and take effect. I’m not sure if I have spongy kidney disease or not, even though I still get kidney pain properly and I often have gravel in my kidneys as well. I have had to go to the hospital numerous times in the last 10 years over having kidney stones each time. The last time I went they actually had to do surgery with the lazer. I was sore for numerous days because of the sheer tenderness after the blunt force impact.
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