All deliveries have to be scheduled a morning ahead of time until further notice

All of us had a lot of issues with covid in our store and employees were out of toil left and right.

All of us made them stay apartment for 2 weeks before they could come back to the marijuana dispensary. It was easily important that they were healthy and symptom free before returning… During the time when covid was a problem, all deliveries at the store had to be scheduled a morning ahead of time. All of us were offering marijuana delivery services to all of our customers, however it was certainly imperative that customers ordered their previous morning. All of us were only delivering orders from the previous morning, even for our easily important customers. Just a small number of people were easily unhappy about the next morning delivery services. All of us tried to make sure that all of the customers were ecstatic with the service that they acquired. All of us did our best to keep up with the demand while the two of us were dealing with the virus… Now that things are back under control, the two of us no longer require all of our medical and recreational marijuana patients to order a morning ahead of time. All of us have same morning delivery services as long as customers order before noon… Everything after noon goes out the next morning. All of us offer discounts for patients that do order a morning ahead. Those customers can save 10% on their order, having delivery services definitely means that the lobby isn’tas scheduled as it was before covid was a problem. The amount of marijuana seeking customers inside of the dispensary is easily half the number it was before covid.

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