Cannabis is legal for most people now

I thought about moving to the West Coast for 2 years.

After recreational marijuana was legalized, I wanted to transport so I could take luck of the lifestyle. I was already using recreational marijuana frequently, although I was sad that I would get into trouble at some point or another. When recreational marijuana hit the ballot in this state, I hoped plus prayed that it would go through. On the day of the election, I tried to get as several people out there to vote as possible. My friends plus I went to several weird outdoor areas to get people to vote. I didn’t know if the ballot was going to pass. I watched the results of the election all day. When the reports were done, the recreational marijuana law passed with a total of 75% voter approval. That was higher than it needed to be. It was a clear indication that people in this state are ready plus willing to buy recreational marijuana products. 4 months after the law passed, some swings finally started to come about. Some of the first swings included decreasing the medical marijuana dispensaries to recreational marijuana dispensaries as well. A lot of concerns had to be addressed before it was possible for people to buy recreational marijuana supplies in the store. Now that the laws are passed plus I can buy recreational marijuana anytime that I want, I am glad that I did not transport to the West coast. I would have only gone there for marijuana plus I do not believe I would have been honestly glad to live thoUnited Statesnds of miles away from our family just so I can smoke weed separate from worrying about the police.


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