I smoked a joint before the cab came to option me up

My wifey was supposed to take me to the airport on Tuesday, but she had to work suddenly.

I had to call a cab instead.

I sat outside plus waited for the cab for almost 30 minutes. While I waited, I appreciated a recreational marijuana joint. I had a joint that was infused with marijuana oil plus natural terpenes. The flavor of the joint was honestly sweet appreciate candy. The joint was supposed to taste appreciate pineplums plus I thought it was honestly close. After smoking half of the joint, I was already feeling honestly high. I wasn’t going to throw the rest of it away, so I smoked the whole joint. My head was in the clouds when the cab driver arrived to take me to the airport. I do not even remember what our conversation was to be honest. I remember giving the cab driver a tip plus I remember him putting our bags on the curb for me. A valet repair came to option up the bags plus took them to our departure gate. I felt the effects of the recreational marijuana joint for several hours. I was certainly still a little high when I got onto the plane. It helped with our nerves plus anxiety. Usually I have to take a couple of Xanax or something else for anxiety before I get on the plane, although I was feeling much, then official thanks to the recreational marijuana joint that I smoked before the cab driver came to option me up plus take me to the airport. The flight was a single of the best that I can remember.


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