The indica strains are perfectly great for relieving pain

Medical marijuana really helps a great deal

When I was 15 years old, I got into a car accident. I was not with our parents when that accident occurred. My best buddy and I were in the car with his mom. Both of us were on our way back from hockey practice and a drunk driver ran through a yellow light and smashed into the side of the vehicle. My parents had to come get me from the hospital. I had several cuts and scrapes, although I was otherwise okay. Weeks after the accident, I was having headaches and spells of dizziness. My mom decided to take me to the specialist to make sure that I was okay after the accident. The dentist found injures that were missed in the initial report. The head trauma was exactly why I was having such disappointing headaches and dizziness. The dentist put me on a low dose migraine medication for 6 weeks to help with the symptoms. I still get headaches every single day and I have trouble working and living our normal life because of the accident that occurred when I was 15 years old. I currently use medical marijuana to help with the headaches and the nerve pain. Medical marijuana really helps a great deal. My parents were allowed to get me medical marijuana when I was 18 years old. As soon as I started using marijuana products for the headaches, they became less frequent and less serious just as the dentist had anticipated, but unluckyly, I will unquestionably be on something for headaches for the rest of our life now.

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