The medical marijuana defense

We were stoned when the accident happened, but that didn’t cause the accident.

We were up in the mountains at the sky resort, just having a nice day on the slopes.

I always like to bring a few joints when I go skiing, because it makes the day a lot more fun. Kevin and I were on the ski lift, going back to the top of the Diamond Slope, when it happened. The rigging that held our gondola to the guide wire cracked and broke, and we quite literally fell 50 feet onto the snowy ground below. The ski lodge doesn’t want to pay our medical bills, because they say the medical marijuana was a contributing factor to the accident. Kevin and I are talking to lawyers about suing the place for everything it’s worth, because medical marijuana played no part in this accident, it was all their fault! This state is still rather backwards when it comes to medical cannabis laws, so I was a bit worried about the outcome. My lawyer was very sharp, however, and he was able to demonstrate that there was a medical cannabis dispensary within a quarter mile of the resort. If medical cannabis was legal, and sold locally, how could we be penalized for using it? This was all smoke and mirror tactics, by the way, the resort just didn’t want to pay our medical bills, and tried to use medical cannabis as their defense. We are still a long way from this being over, but with the medical cannabis argument dismissed, it’s only a matter of time before we win.

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