The repairs to our car mean taking some time off work

I knew that our car was having some problems, because it was having trouble getting started.

When I put our foot on the gas, the car seemed to sputter and it took a while to get going.

I have had the car since I was in high college. I’m surprised it has lasted this long. I’m not surprised that it needs some repairs. I was trying to make the car last as long as possible, because I use it for work. During the day and periodically at night, I work as a marijuana delivery service driver. I gain excellent money as an hourly wage and the tips are even better. I told myself 2 weeks ago that I was going to beginning saving for the repairs to our car. It was a nice idea, although I never gained any traction or saved even a dollar. When our car finally broke down Last year, I knew that I was in trouble. I was not working at the marijuana dispensary when the car broke down, thankfully. I would have been in even larger trouble if I had been out on a marijuana delivery when the car died. I was already kneeling in traffic at the time. I had to get out of our car and push the car to the side of the road. I had to call a tow truck to come and get the car and take it to a mechanic. I have no idea how much it is going to cost to have the repairs completed, although I recognize I will not be delivering marijuana at anytime soon.

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