Getting medical cannabis for the folks who need it

I bought this old RV with a single legitimately particular purpose in mind.

I love to travel & I love to see current places, although I can’t afford the high prices charged by hotels & resorts, however with an RV (a recreational vehicle, also known as a camper) I could go where I wanted & always have a free place to stay.

My youngsters have all grown up & left the house, & since Martha is no longer with us, I wanted the freedom to follow my heart. I would be lying if I said medical cannabis didn’t play a area in this, as well. Medical cannabis is still illegal in my state, so as a area of my travels I wanted to visit places where I would have straight-forward access marijuana products. I am still legitimately mobile & active, but a lot of my retired friends are not. I always buy as much medical cannabis as I can carry, because I think there is a sizable demand for it in retirement homes & communities. It’s inconvenient for me to not have local access to medical cannabis, but for some of these other old folks it is downright dangerous! These are the people who can benefit the most from using medical cannabis, but our state refuses to consider it medicine. Making these long road trips for medical cannabis gives me a purpose in life, & I also suppose it’s a bit of a thrill. If I do get caught by the cops, I could get charged with a crime for carrying so much medical cannabis across state lines.

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