It’s not really fair that I must work nights and weekends

When I was in high school, I genuinely smoked a lot of recreational marijuana.

My parents grounded me and they took away my car, even though I still care about using recreational marijuana all the time. My parents told me that I would never go someplace or have a life if I continued smoking marijuana products! I watched commercials on TV that showed my brain frying in a pan if I smoked pot. All of those TV shows were pretty much wrong. My life is absolutely fantastic because of marijuana. I managed to acquire a job actually working at a dispensary in a state with legal recreational marijuana laws. The job at the dispensary is full-time. I get nice benefits like dental, medical, and a retirement plan. I even got a promotion a couple of months ago. I am actually working as the assistant manager now and I acquire a salary instead of an hourly wage. I also get every weekend off. That was a fantastic section of the manager package until more recently. A brand new manager took over at the marijuana dispensary and she said that I had to work on the weekends because she has a family to take care of. One of us has to be at the pot store all of the time now and that means she is going to work during the mornings through the week and I am forced to go to night shift and weekends. My lady is absolutely angry about this. She wants me to quit my job. I’m in a real predicament, because I don’t want to work every weekend even though I don’t want to quit the most amazing job that I have ever had.


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