They have pretty good edibles at the cannabis cafe

It’s not even like me to fawn over anything.

  • So fawning over the new cannabis cafe that has opened recently is even more strange.

Prior to finding this new marijuana business, I was actually unable to find value in even going out for coffee. To me, I would be able to spend as much for one cup of lavish tea & have nearly a week’s worth in a tote from the store. That all changed when the owners of the local weed store took over a run down diner. This location had actually been something incredible in the old days. My mom used to go there after seeing a film. It was a diner that specialized in frozen desserts. But like many things of a bygone era, that diner couldn’t keep afloat. The new owners put a huge amount of currency into refurbishing the outdated diner. Yet, they paid special attention to making sure that they kept the outdated design. It’s like a substituted version of itself. But instead of frozen treats, there are adult treats with sativa strains or indica strains in them. Along with the most enjoyable tea in town, the cannabis cafe presents the buyer with an array of culinary marijuana edibles. It’s like I died & went to a special cannabis heaven. I’m so ecstatic to have this sort of location in my end of town. It’s just so unique on top of having the best cannabis edibles I’ve ever placed in my mouth. I’m just really happy to be able to take a detour to the cannabis cafe at least one time per week. I find that it’s a really great location to unwind after work too.

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