Treating arthritis with topicals and tinctures

A couple of years ago, I developed issues with arthritis.

My fingers swelled up like sausages, and I was forced to cut off my rings.

I don’t have health insurance and refused to pay the high cost of a doctor’s visit and a prescription. I was unwilling to take a day off from work only to end up buying extremely expensive medication that would most likely cause long-term side-effects. Instead, I tried over-the-counter options and natural remedies. I had some success with soaking yellow raisins in gin overnight and then eating them. I also rubbed Vicks vapor rub into my knuckles. My efforts helped very little. I was extremely excited when my state finally legalized recreational cannabis. I finally had the opportunity to visit a dispensary and pursue a natural remedy for my arthritis. I did some reading on the internet to figure out the best types of products to treat my condition. I learned that CBD is recommended for easing chronic pain and inflammation. I also looked into the different types of consumption methods. Cannabis-infused topicals are good for localized relief. They are non-psychoactive and can be applied directly to my knuckles multiple times per day. The dispensary carries an impressive selection of balms, ointments, sprays and roll-ons. I decided that I wanted to treat my arthritis from the inside as well as the outside. Along with the cannabis-infused topicals, I use tinctures. They are wonderfully simple and discreet. I place a dose under my tongue and hold it there for a minute or two. The sublingual absorption of the cannabinoids provides rapid onset of effects. Because of the combination of topicals and tinctures, the pain and swelling in my hands has almost completely gone away. I have been able to get back to regular activities.