We’re having a pretty good time now dating

I got a few items delivered from the marijuana dispensary and I ended up knowing the girl that made the delivery.

My friends and I were hanging out on Monday night and the bunch of us decided to order marijuana from a local dispensary. The driver came right to the front door because it was raining. I recognized the girl almost instantly. Even though it had been numerous years since school, I recognized her face. The girl sat right next to me in Biology class all year when the two of us were seniors… Before she left my apartment, I got her cell phone number and I decided to call her a couple of days later. When she had a day off from the marijuana dispensary, the two of us decided to go to the Tim Hortons Coffee shop nearby. We talked about everything that has happened in our lives since school has ended… She had a lot of fun and interesting stories. I felt like my life was a little bit boring after talking to her for a half hour. After the two of us parted ways, Sandra called me again to see if I wanted to have dinner. We had a romantic dinner at a bistro uptown a few days later and Sandra knew the waiter. The girl got us a bottle of champagne at the house because she said it was our 1 year anniversary. It was pretty exciting to pretend that the two of us were married. We have been on a few dates since then and things are going particularly well. We went to a drive-in movie and the two of us spent the day at the zoo. I am having a great amount of fun getting to know the girl that sat next to me in school back then.

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