On 420, the dispensary had a big sale on everything

The dispensary also had brownies, cookies, and pieces of birthday cake.

My friends and I are lucky to live in a locale where medical and recreational cannabis are legal. It’s absolutely straight-forward to get a medical cannabis card. There are lots of qualifying conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. There are a few medical doctors located at every dispensary throughout the state. My friends and I have many different marijuana dispensary locations throughout the city. This year while in the 420 holiday, the dispensary had a big sale and a week of special giveaways and prizes. On 420, our friends and I picked up grams of OG kush for $4.20 each. These products are normally twice as much money, however they were specially priced for the holiday. My friends and I also found a sale on edibles. They were buy one and get one free. We found sales on edibles at many different marijuana locations. Most of the products were included in the sale and you could do mix and match as long as the prices were the same. I picked out a couple of edible cannabis treats that looked good. I bought many brownies, a bag of hard candies, and a bag of sour gummy worms. The dispensary also had brownies, cookies, and pieces of birthday cake. I was trying to only spend $100 that day, however there was no way that I could save money with sales that good. I ended up spending everything that I had for the week, including our food money. I went to our parents condo every evening for supper instead.

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