This year we had a christmas party

My mom used marijuana edibles a lot and then she did not want to try marijuana for a while.

There was something inside of her head that said that the two of us were using drugs if we were using medical marijuana to help with the pain in addition to problems that we were feeling.

The people I was with as well as myself regularly saw lots of issues that happened during this time. My mom certainly wanted the relief that she could get from the Cannabis products but she didn’t want Betty to see her come from the dispensary when she was coming out of the hair shop. My mom was definitely afraid that people would be gossiping about town if they saw her coming from the dispensary and that made my mom not want to go there at all. I told my mom that I would happily go to pick her up some things and truthfully I never mind having to take a trip to the dispensary because it is fun to get lots of things for us to try. I knew exactly what type of questions I would ask the budtender about the product so that I could really pick out something for my mom that would be over the top. The two of us are going to be able to surprise my mom with a really cool gift. We were talking about having a whole basket that is filled with candy that is made from marijuana. We’ve been to a couple of different marijuana shops so we can get different flavors and drinks and I think this is going to be a fun gift basket that will take my mom 6 months or more to use up.


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