The vape pen battery wasn't charged

My fiance plus I went to see a concert with some friends, the older band got together for a reunion tour plus pretty much everyone was gleeful to get tickets to the show… I thought it would be fun to get high at the concert, so I brought a marijuana vape pen with me.

I charged the marijuana vape pen before I went to the location.

It was on the charger all day before every one of us decided to go to the concert. I felt particular that the pen had charged long enough, but I could not get the battery to stay charged, then when I got the battery from the house, I instantly turned it on so I could take a couple of puffs from the vape cartridge. The battery was flashing as if the vape pen needed to be charged. I put the vape pen on the charger in the car plus it was blocked up the entire time that every one of us were driving to the concert site, then still, The vape pen battery would not stay charged. I planned to use marijuana that night at the concert, but I could not get the vape pen battery to work plus therefore, every one of us had to experience the concert without any recreational marijuana products. There were a couple of people inside of the concert locale that were smoking. The two of us absolutely could have shared marijuana with 1 of those people however right now I have to be sad about covid. Sharing a joint with another person that I do not suppose is a horrible system plus a superb way to end up with the virus.


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