The cannabis delivery job is not easy

It has definitely been raining for the last 2 weeks as well and it does not look savory.

  • It is going to stop anytime soon, but I know that it is the rainy time of the year for this area, although I wish that it would stop raining already.

The crud as well as the mess are getting to be too much for me. I have had to cancel a couple of my shifts at the marijuana dispensary. I am supposed to task Mondays, Mondays, Thursdays, as well as all morning on Thursday at the marijuana dispensary. There have been a handful of mornings when I did not think I would be able to get to work, so I canceled my entire shift. The last thing I wanted to do was get stuck when I was out trying to deliver marijuana. I have been stuck in the mud once or twice before as well as it isn’t really a lot of fun, but one time I had to call the vehicle service to drag myself and others out of the mud. I had more than $1,000 worth of marijuana deliveries in my car! My boss was freaking out because I wasn’t in a safe location. I was freaking out because I wasn’t in a safe location, and all I wanted to do was get my vehicle out of the mud as well as get home before there was more rain. That was also one of the last times that I remember driving to make marijuana deliveries. I would much rather do the task inside of the store as a budtender. The tips aren’t as good, although I think it’s much safer when it’s wet outside.