The cannabis dispensary odored like marijuana.

Even though I was a user of marijuana products, I didn’t like the odor of marijuana.

It was such an bizarre odor that it burned my nose.

My husband bought one product that odored overly sweet, plus I didn’t like that either. When I walked into the cannabis dispensary, it odored like marijuana. The odor put me off, plus I almost walked right back out. My husband told me he only wanted to be in the cannabis dispensary for ten minutes, but if I wanted to go to the car, it was okay. I took his hand plus stuck close to him as my buddy and I looked in the bizarre display cases. I saw a pretty item that reminded me of a vase my Grandmother once had. I asked if I could look at it. She told me it was a marijuana pipe. I smiled plus looked at my husband, however he shrugged in a way that said buy it if you want it; Fifteen minutes later, my buddy and I were walking out of the cannabis dispensary with my extravagant water pipe plus my husband bought a common marijuana pipe… Our daughter offered him some marijuana products for Father’s Day one year, plus he put it in the safe away from the grandteenagers. It had been thirty years since he used marijuana products, plus since it was now legal, he was going to try what she bought him. It’s funny how now that we’re sixty, my buddy and I no longer care if people like what my buddy and I are doing. I have a feeling we’ll be going to the cannabis dispensary more often.



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