I prefer burgers to chicken

My friends plus I work at the marijuana dispensary on the north side of the bridge.

  • The marijuana dispensary has been open since 2019, when the state legalized recreational plus medical marijuana use.

My friends got hired to work at the marijuana shop first plus then I got a task too. All of us have been laboring together for more than a year, then sporadically my pal and I get the same weekend off together so my pal and I can hang out plus do fun stuff like go to the beach plus have a picnic. There is a genuinely nice part near the beach where there are picnic tables plus access to the inlet. The water is genuinely calm here plus it is the perfect place to go kayak fishing. There’s typically fish in the water, but there aren’t waves like there easily are at the ocean plus beach access points. My friends plus I went to the beach last Saturday. My buddy and I decided to have a barbecue. My buddy and I found a place near a pavilion plus there was a big barbecue outside of the seating area. My buddy and I had burgers plus chicken to place on the grill. My buddy and I smoked a marijuana joint before cooking plus then I put burgers plus chicken on the grill. I genuinely prefer burgers to chicken, but both of the proteins smelled genuinely good cooking over the charcoal. I prefer to use charcoal instead of gas, because I like the way that charcoal adds flavor to anything on the grill, then burgers, fish, or steak can all be charred nicely on the grill with charcoal.

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