I definitely appreciate cannabis flower

Dealing with chronic mental health setbacks is similar to riding a rollercoaster.

There are afternoons where you’re riding up a peak at tremendous speed, as well as others where you’re in a free fall state. I did my best in private school as well as college to function separate from medication, but I no longer had that privilege once I came into the workforce. Suddenly my once-manageable anxiety attacks were paralyzing me as well as making it tough to function at my work. When your task performance is directly affected by your mental health, you’re put in a difficult game of limbo trying to function regularly while feeling something like a bunch of broken pieces haphazardly held together with masking tape. Once I was able to discover cannabis in my mid 20s, my anxiety as well as depression complications started to improve. I experimented with marijuana flower buds, cannabis edibles, as well as concentrates such as hashish as well as wax. I abruptly managed to learn that indica strains are better for my anxiety as well as depression issues compared to anything else. Despite disappointing luck with a handful of popular indicas that I find at my local cannabis dispensaries, I tend to adore indica strains of cannabis more than sativa. Beyond the type of strain, I also adore cannabis flower products over anything else. I basically feel like they provide me the fullest spectrum effect compared to any other cannabis product available at stores. However, cannabis flower products vary by a good amount in quality from 1 store to the next. Even odd batches of the same strain from the same grower can vary in ways. As long as you get a general idea for what strains your body responds well to, it’s more simple to experiment with new strains you haven’t tried. You compare the genetics of the new strain with 1 you’ve already had, giving you a relatively good idea of what you might expect.



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