My sister told me to send her a care package

My sister uses medical marijuana plus so do I! My sister lives in a state where only medical marijuana is legal plus the prices that she pays for the products are nearly twice as much as the price that I pay; It doesn’t seem legitimate that we are purchasing the same exact product for nearly 150% more currency.

  • I was talking to my sister on the PC last weekand I told her that I was trying to guess of a good gift for our mother for Christmas.

I told her some of the ideas that I had. I told her that I was thinking about a scarf or a current coat. I was also thinking that my Dad might like a weekend trip to the spa. My sister interjected at that moment to tell me that she would also be very ecstatic with a prep to the spa, but she also stated that she would be very ecstatic if I would send her a recreational marijuana care package. She said I would save her a ton of currency plus she would get a lot better selection if I picked out some items plus sent them to her, then the next time I was at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary, I decided to choice out a couple of things for my sister. I got a package of gummy edible coins that have 20 mg of THC in each. They are flavored like electric lemonade. They are supposed to be very sour. I also bought my sister a five pack of infused marijuana joints, each half gram marijuana joint has 46% thc.

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