I kept my eyes open and my speed down the whole way home

I tried smoking pot for the first time a couple of months ago.

  • My older friends went to a recreational cannabis dispensary and I purchased some marijuana flower.

The dried flower is the form that most people recognize when they see cannabis products. I was hanging out with my friends and they cut out a large glass bong and filled the bottom with water. They put some of the flower inside the bowl on the side of the bong. When it was my turn to hit the bong, I didn’t want to say no and look like a tool in front of my friends. I took a small hit of the marijuana flower and I started to cough. I coughed and coughed for several minutes. I only took one hit off the marijuana bong, but I felt the effects. I suddenly felt very light headed and giggly. I couldn’t stop laughing at the things that my friends were saying. We spent about an hour listening to music and I barely remember any of our conversation. It was actually an enjoyable experience until I had to drive home. I couldn’t spend the night after using the marijuana products at my friend’s house and I had to drive back to my apartment. I knew that I was under the influence and impaired, but I thought I could make the 3 mile journey back home. I kept my eyes open and my speed down during the entire drive back to the house. I was paranoid and worried that the cops would swarm my car at any time, but I safely made it back to my driveway in one piece.


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