Author: Ellis

I wish things weren’t so strict in my hometown

The dispensary started this pick service while we were in the pandemic, but the city has since made it illegal altogether I told myself that I would never live in my hometown past my high school days, however I returned as soon as I graduated from undergraduate university. My parents were seeking help at their […]

Cannabis flower is amazing

Dealing with chronic mental health setbacks is very similar to riding a rollercoaster. There are those times where you’re riding up a peak at lightning speed, plus others where you’re in a serious free fall. I did my best in school plus school to function without having my medication, however I no longer had that […]

I definitely appreciate cannabis flower

Dealing with chronic mental health setbacks is similar to riding a rollercoaster. There are afternoons where you’re riding up a peak at tremendous speed, as well as others where you’re in a free fall state. I did my best in private school as well as college to function separate from medication, but I no longer […]

I wanted CBD and not THC.

I had been going to the marijuana dispensary for quite some time now and no one had told me that I should be using CBD and not THC. Some of the lack of information could have come from me since I didn’t tell anyone the doctor said I needed a high CBD blend of marijuana […]

Aren't all hemp products CBD?

I thought that all hemp products contained medicinal CBD and THC, but I found out I was wrong. When I read that CBD from hemp didn’t necessarily have medicinal properties, I didn’t believe it. They sold hemp oil, and CBD from hemp, so it had to have medicinal properties. I talked to my doctor, and […]

I was buying CBD online,

I found that using CBD made me more relaxed and able to do my work more easily. For years, I had been buying CBD online, and I noticed a difference in how I felt. I was sure that if online CBD helped me this much, getting CBD in a dispensary had to be even stronger. […]

My RLS dissipated over time with the use of CBD.

I had been plagued with RLS, restless leg syndrome, for years. Every time I laid down, or relaxed in my recliner, my legs would jump uncontrollably. It was like every nerve suddenly came alive, and it was painful. My doctor told me I may find some relief from medicine, but I didn’t see any difference. […]