Author: Ellis

The benefits of using medical marijuana are really vast

Medical marijuana has been used for a number of years to help with pain, nausea, and a variety of other various concerns. There has been an immense interest in medical marijuana since the first States decided to legalize the drug. There are several potential benefits that can come from using Medical marijuana. One of the […]

I totally lost track of time in the shopping mall

My friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary on 420 and we picked out a lot of genuinely cool products. I obtained some items that I might not purchase usually because they are genuinely extravagant. One final product that I purchased was an infused marijuana pre roll. The marijuana pre-roll was free with any […]

The shipping company lost our beautiful, new lights

I’m very frustrated with my shipping company, because they lost the beautiful new lights that we were going to put up in the marijuana dispensary. The owner of the marijuana dispensary was here for 3 weeks and during that time he made a lot of notes about things that he wanted to change. The manager […]

I could smell marijuana in the local pizzeria

My loving wife and I went to the opening of a brand modern pizzeria. I got reservations from a contractor acquaintance of mine that was on the task. He was one of the top crew members that built the pizzeria and got things ready for opening night. He also scored a bunch of free tickets […]

The payroll company keeps track of everything for us

It’s hard to keep track of everything that is necessary to worry about when you open up a cannabis dispensary. I had plenty of money and a lot of investors when I decided to use some of my music business money to open a cannabis dispensary. Unfortunately, I didn’t really know a lot about how […]

I bought a couple of cartridges for my vape pen

I chose to go to the cannabis dispensary near me because I was looking for a battery for vape pen cartridges and I also planned to buy a current cartridge. I had a sativa cartridge called blue dream, even though I was trying to find an indica. I knew that the marijuana dispensary near me […]

I could have gotten in a fair amount of trouble

Tuesday evening I was closing up at the cannabis dispensary and I noticed a homeless lady who was resting in the parking lot. The homeless lady was kneeling down next to the dumpster. It was an unquestionably frigid evening and I could tell that the homeless lady was trying to block the wind as much […]

Some of my buddies came over to check out the draft

My buddies and I made the choice to watch the draft this weekend and my buddies and I spent the entire weekend having fun, drinking, and smoking cannabis products. I do not smoke cannabis often, even though I decided to get into it when one of my friends brought some top shelf flower that was […]