I tried sneaking marijuana condo on the flight

My friends and I flew halfway across the country so the people I was with and I could go to a fight, my husbandy wasn’t cheerful that I spent $200 on the ticket and he wasn’t content with the $400 I spent on the plane ticket to go to the confrontation destination; She was also unhappy with the $300 that I lost it gambling in the casino before the confrontation started, and the only thing that made his cheerful was the fact that I managed to sneak some recreational cannabis supplies on the plane so I could bring them condo to her! Believe me, it wasn’t easy and I was anxious about getting caught the entire time, and when the security guard walked by with drug-sniffing dogs, I thought I was going to end up in prison for the rest of my life! I knew I was taking a sizable risk, however I knew my husbandy was going to be entirely mad when I came condo from the weekend.

I waited in the airport for 90 minutes before my flight finally boarded.

I had that marijuana supplies in my carry-on bag. They were wrapped up in multiple layers of bubble wrap and I paid someone at a shipping store to shrink wrap everything in a vacuum-sealed bag. I could not smell anything inside of the bag. My husbandy picked myself and others up at the airport after my plane landed. I presented his with the small bag of marijuana treats. She had a big smile on his face, but he still yelled at myself and others all the way condo for spending currency at the casino.


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