I wanted to get my stuff and get out of there

Last Friday night, my friends and I went to a concert in the park.

Every Friday night during the summer months, the beach pavilion has free outdoor concerts for everyone.

You can bring lounge chairs or blankets and sit in the park to listen to the free music. My friends and I were particularly excited for the concert on Friday night, because it was someone famous. We wanted to arrive early so we could find a place to sit up front and close to the stage. On our way to the venue, Chad thought it would be a good idea to stop and buy some cannabis supplies for the evening. I thought it was a good idea too, and I purchased some edible cannabis treats. Chad picked out a disposable vape pen that was discrete and easy to carry. After we got to the park, Chad took out the pen and we all smoked a few hits from the device. I was starting to feel a little lightheaded, so I stopped hitting the vape pen. I had already taken two edible cookies from the bag and eaten them. I was worried that the vape hits and the edibles would catch up to me at the same time. By the end of the concert, I could barely keep my eyes open. The edibles and the vape pen made me really stoned. I’m glad that I didn’t have to drive home after using the recreational cannabis supplies. I never could have made it all the way home before crashing into a wall or a guard rail.
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