I won the prize pack worth 250.00

One of the cannabis shops in town had a raffle during the last two weeks.

Any time you spent $50 on products in the store, you got a ticket to enter a raffle for a prize basket worth over $250.

Some of the products included in the raffle were edible cannabis treats, cannabis concentrate, and dried cannabis flower. There were also some mystery items inside of the bag.I went to the cannabis shop several times during the raffle and I had five and three tickets in the contest. I didn’t know if that was a lot of tickets or not, and I didn’t really expect to win. When I received the telephone call from the manager of the dispensary, I was really surprised and happy that I didn’t let the call go to voicemail. The dispensary manager said that I was the winner and told me I could pick up my price basket anytime. I went to the dispensary as soon as I was finished with work that day. I picked up the basket and went home to check it out. On my way home, I called a friend of mine and told him that I won the contest. He was super jealous and agreed to meet me at my apartment so he could be there for the unveiling. The prize basket contains a lot of different cannabis items. In addition to the items that I was expecting, I also had several different pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, stickers, pens, buttons, and t-shirts. The best item in the bag was a enail kit worth 100 bucks. There was close to $400 worth of merchandise in the bag.

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