Medical cannabis changed our life for the better

I remember having social anxiety most of our life.

It very showed up when I was a teenager, as well as I spent a lot of our years feeling like an outcast.

It is a very horrible feeling when you’re all alone, as well as when you try basic interactions you come off as absurdly awkward as well as weird, then whenever I would see a huge crowd, I would beginning dripping with sweat profusely as well as our heart would beginning beating hastily. It wasn’t only huge crowds though, it could only be meeting a few people, or being in the spotlight which would make myself and others guess sick. When I was talking about our issues to one of our only friends, he recommended medical marijuana, but medical marijuana? I couldn’t know our ears. Cannabis was only for the shady people, as well as I wasn’t too keen on trying it at first; However as time went on, I was so sleepy as well as sick of feeling this way, as well as I was about willing to try anything. My neighbor took myself and others to a medical marijuana dispensary, so I could see what it was like, as well as it was then that I started looking into how to get a medical marijuana card, however that was a little over a year ago, as well as I have been using cannabis products since then. I will tell you, they have very changed our life for the better. When I go out in public, I no longer have to worry about people as well as how they make myself and others feel. I guess calm as well as relaxed, I guess normal. It is such a enjoyable feeling, as well as I never thought it would be because of medical cannabis.

how to get a medical marijuana card