My bestie was hiding medical marijuana from me

I did not think that my bestie was using medical marijuana until I found it in his drawer at the apartment.

  • I spent the evening and my bestie left early for work.

I did not have a pair of socks to wear to work that day, so I decided to look in my bestie’s drawer to see if there was something I could wear! Under his underwear was a marijuana joint and a receipt from a medical marijuana business. I was shocked at first and I would not have believed it was my bestie’s except the receipt had his name on it. I went to work that day and all I could think about was the medical marijuana in my bestie’s sock and underwear drawer… He texted me a couple of times that day and I did not answer. I genuinely did not think what to say because I did not think how I felt about the pot. At dinnertime, my bestie called the office and my secretary put the call right through without telling me who was on the line. I was surprised when my bestie was the person on the line and I did not think what to say. He wanted to think why I was ignoring his calls and his texts. I told him that I found the medical marijuana and he did not have much to say. All of us agreed to talk later that afternoon when the people I was with and I met for lunch. I learn some information at work before the people I was with and I got together and I l earned a couple of things about medical marijuana. I was prepared for our conversation and I think he was surprised that I did not go crazy.



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