My dog always became nervous when going to the vet

My dog Baloo is part of our family.

I want to do anything I can to make sure he is comfortable at all times.

Going to the vet makes him anxious, and we have tried several different things to calm him down before going to his checkups, such as taking him for long walks to tire him out, however he still gets honestly anxious as soon as we pull up to the vet’s office, his vet has prescribed anti-anxiety medication for him, but it makes Baloo honestly loopy and unmotivated for multiple days after he takes the medication and I don’t like to see him like that. Last time we scheduled an appointment, the doctor recommended that we try giving Baloo CBD treats for his anxiety. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in the buds of the marijuana plant, and they are known to help reduce symptoms of anxiety. I went to our local cannabis dispensary and told the budtender what I needed, and he said that because of Baloo’s weight, we could give him the same CBD that humans take. I gave Baloo a few drops of the CBD oil on a treat, a few hours before his appointment. At first it was strenuous to tell if there was any difference as Baloo is normally a relaxed dog anyway, but when we got to the vet, Baloo remained calm, and we were in the exam room. I truly began to notice just how well the CBD oil was truly working! Baloo was super chill and relaxed, and didn’t act anxious at all while in his exam. If your pet suffers from anxiety, head to your local dispensary plus try CBD this week!

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