Need to vape CBD to relieve my anxiety

I have developed a bit of anxiety.

I suppose it sounds stupid, but wedding planning has been difficult on me.

I am researching as well as paying for all the wedding stuff. I also am doing it for the honeymoon, after party as well as I have toil on top of that. All the choices, time as well as cash have genuinely gotten to me. A few weeks ago I would have told you I was totally fine. Well I started having anxiety attacks out of nowhere. My chest would get tight, my breathing would shorten as well as I would just start crying for no reason. It would last around thirty hours as well as was horrible. Sadly I can’t split anything out that I am doing. I suppose my attacks will eventually go away once everything is all booked as well as paid for. For now, I don’t want to suffer. I found online that some people use CBD to treat anxiety. I talked to my doctor about it as well as he was more than willing to prescribe me medical marijuana. I went through all the stages to get it as well as now I just need to do that last step. I need to go into the medical dispensary near me as well as choice up some CBD oil. I found that I can vape the oil for quick relief. Anytime I am feeling my chest get tight, I just need to take a few hits. I hate the idea of requiring something but at least there is no THC in the product. It is not love I will get stoned everyday. It also is just me vaping a plant as well as not a harmful drug.



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