The air purifier removes the smell of marijuana

My boyfriend and I rent the garage apartment above my parents house.

They used to let my uncle live in the garage apartment, but then he ended up going to jail.

When he got out, he changed his life around, met a woman, got married, and settled down to have a family. The apartment over the garage was a storage unit for a very long time. Then my boyfriend and I got into some financial trouble and we asked my parents if we could move back home. They were more reluctant than I had anticipated and I was surprised that they agreed. My mom and dad had a couple of stipulations. One of them was no marijuana smoking in the apartment. I thought that’s why my parents were being hesitant and I knew for sure when they made that rule. I tried to follow the rules and then the weather got colder and colder. I absolutely didn’t want to go outside when it was freezing outside with ice and snow on the ground. The first time I let up a joint in the house, the smell was putrid. I knew my parents would be able to smell that scent in the garage. My boyfriend came up with a great idea. We went to the hardware store and purchased an indoor air purifier. The air cleaning machine removed all of the marijuana smell from the apartment. We run the air purifier all day and all night and so far my parents haven’t detected the scent of marijuana anywhere in our apartment.

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