The concentrates were so incredibly cheap

My friends and I went out of town for a weekend hiking trip. We were pretty far away from the city in a small area with very few people. I was surprised to find a marijuana dispensary in the small town. I was even more surprised by the incredibly cheap prices. Most of the Cannabis shops that are outside of town are very expensive. It is usually true that prices are cheaper when you get closer to the city. I found $15 grams of cannabis concentrate and it was live resin. I was paying 30 or $40 for a gram of live resin at home. I decided to withdraw some cash from my credit card so I could purchase a lot of cannabis concentrate from the dispensary. They don’t accept credit cards or debit cards, so I had to get cash. I went through a lot of trouble to get cash for the dispensary, but it was worth all of the time and aggravation. I purchased enough cannabis concentrate to last a month or two at home. I won’t have to visit a dispensary at home for quite some time. My friends also purchased several grams of cannabis concentrate at incredibly cheap prices. My friends and I now have the location of a really nice spot that is cheaper than anywhere else. I don’t mind driving 2 hours for these prices and the views and landscape are spectacular. Making it into a weekend and camping activity is fun too. After all, we were hiking when we found the honey hole.

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