We made a bong out of a coke can

There are about ten legal recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries close to my house, but my friends and I are only seventeen and we are not old enough to legally buy recreational or medical marijuana.

Every once in a while, my brother will give me a nugget of marijuana to smoke with my friends.

He’s been out of town a lot for work and my friends and I have not been able to smoke any marijuana. Last week we went to a football game and we were hanging out under the bleachers. Someone dropped a bag of recreational marijuana. It was still sealed. I quickly grabbed the package of marijuana before someone realized it fell. My friends and I headed right to the parking lot. We wanted to smoke the recreational marijuana at the football game, but we didn’t have any papers or a bowl. Tom grabbed a Coke can from the front seat and we made a bong out of the aluminum can. I dented the side of the can until it was flat and then I used my keys to poke tiny holes in the aluminum. We placed the marijuana on top of the can and used a lighter to set it on fire. We used the hole on the side of the Coke can to inhale the marijuana smoke. It wasn’t the most conventional way to smoke marijuana, but my friends and I got high and we really enjoyed the rest of the game. We split up the rest of the weed and everyone took a little bit home at the end of the night.

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