I get better tips delivering in the rain

A lot of delivery drivers do not enjoy going outside when it rains! I do not mind delivering while I am in the rain, as I know the tips are better, and when it’s raining, the store is constantly busier… On an average evening, I usually supply various or numerous weird cannabis orders. On an evening when it is raining, I usually work extra hours as well as take 10 or 12 deliveries. I know the tips are a lot better when it rains, customers suppose it’s exhausting that I had to drive in the rain. An average $5 tip is usually a $10 tip; some of our co-workers do not agree, however I have seen the proof on more than 1 occasion! But last Tuesday evening it was raining very difficult as well as I was stressed to work from 6 until close. Someone called out for their shift as well as the boss asked me to come in at 4. I had many cannabis orders waiting when I arrived. I wasted no time getting the order out to the correct addresses. I made $26 on many orders. It started raining even harder when I left the store with the sixth set of cannabis orders. I had four, however 2 of them were going to the same house building. When I was actually finished delivering all of those orders, it was only half past 6 as well as I already had 50 bucks in our pocket! And by the end of our shift, I had enough money to pay our rent for the week. My roommate was awfully surprised when I presented him with the money early; usually I take it down to the wire as well as pay at the last hour.

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