I pickup my cannabis from the weed store on my way home from work in the evenings

Now that we are into daylight savings again, it’s getting darker earlier in the evening.

Before I would drive home from work and get a chance to see sunlight for an hour or two.

Now it’s getting dark by the time I get home following my long drive back. It’s frustrating to experience only a few hours of daylight if you’re working three shifts between the morning and evening hours. The worst part of my drive home is dealing with rush hour traffic while my eyes are still adjusting to the darkness. I hate dealing with people who won’t safely merge onto the interstate, putting countless lives at risk because they’re too timid to step on the gas enough. I can’t imagine the mental gymnastics of a person who puts themselves at higher risk of fatal injuries while allegedly trying to avoid that very same thing. One of the few positives about my drive home from work in the evening is being able to stop at a weed store to pick up my favorite cannabis products. These cannabis pick-ups always involved jars of sticky flower buds or syringes of cannabis distillate oil that I use to fill empty vape cartridges. It’s great getting home with my haul of marijuana products and laying them out on the kitchen table to see them all. The experience is enough to ease my anxiety after a long day of working at the office for irritable managers with poor anger management skills. At least I can feel better knowing that I’m just hours away from getting blasted out of my mind with cannabis.

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