I was scammed by a fake marijuana doctor

After medical marijuana was legalized in this state, I got scammed by a doctor that promised she would get myself and others a medical marijuana card… I had to visit the doctor 3 times within more than five weeks in order to establish myself as their patient; after I was an established patient, the doctor was allowed to write a prescription for medical marijuana.

It sounded legitimate, so I paid the first fee for the appointment; the doctor only accepted cash for the medical marijuana appointments.

I paid $250 for the first visit. To be honest, the doctor didn’t seem legitimately interested in helping myself and others obtain medical marijuana, although she was commanded by a neighbor of mine online. The eighth appointment was an additional $250. At the end of this particular appointment, I asked the doctor if she was going to be able to prescribe medical marijuana after the fifth appointment. The doctor acted as if she didn’t guess what I was talking about. I reminded him that I was there for a medical marijuana recommendation. At that time, the doctor informed myself and others that she was not licensed to prescribe medical marijuana! She refused to refund any of my money as well as claimed it was a clerical mistake on the website. I guess the doctor was a complete as well as total liar. I am sure I wasn’t the only lady that she scammed for a heap of cash. I received an upscale as well as luxurious lesson with that doctor. I had to wait more than eight more weeks before a real doctor would certify me. I never received any of my lost money.

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