Might be time to think about investing in the marijuana business

I’m always on the lookout for a good investment.

  • And it seems to me that this might be just the time to invest in the marijuana business.

Seems like every election cycle results in more and more regions of our country allowing for medical marijuana or full on recreational marijuana. This past election cycle produced some results that put investors like me on notice. The eastern seaboard is at a crucial tipping point when it comes to legalizing marijuana and marijuana products. I live in a state where cannabis dispensaries access is limited to medical marijuana. This was thought to be an impossible proposition when the movement first started. But it happened. And medical marijuana has gone so well in this state that recreational marijuana is very likely to come to pass in the near future. As an investor, there is no doubt that the marijuana business is a great bet. Obviously, the call for legalized recreational marijuana is greater than expected. And governments are loving the tax revenue windfall they get from the marijuana business. From marijuana growers to cannabis dispensaries to the recreational marijuana consumer, the tax potential is something nobody can walk away from. I’m definitely figuring out just how and what sort of marijuana business to add to my investment portfolio. I love the fact that a local cannabis spot can now sell the marijuana products want and need. I went to one out of state cannabis dispensary and was simply floored by all the indica products and sativa products alone. It was quite an eye opener as this was in a state where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal. And it’ll be coming to a state near you before too long. Best to get positioned well now as the marijuana business is booming.

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