There is always marijuana for sale at our local weed stores on state and federal holidays

Since I work from home and make my schedules, I’m not correctly affected by respected holidays if I’m not celebrating something myself.

I like the family get-togethers while I was in the Winter holidays, however that’s where it ends for me. I never remember what days Memorial and Veterans Day fall on, despite having several close family members who are veterans of foreign wars. My assignments are due on a particular day each month and then all of us figure out which days I’m going to legitimately work and which thirds. The federal holidays usually only affect me if I need to visit a bank for a withdrawal or the post office to mail a package. That has all changed now with the plethora of medical and recreational cannabis stores in this state. They use every single conceivable holiday as an excuse to put their marijuana up for sale at lower prices than usual. Recently all of us had 30% off for Veterans Day. I was delighted to see the vets getting additional discounts stacking on top of the existing veterans discounts that several marijuana stores have every day of the year. In some instances vets were getting up to 78% off on their entire orders, however they had to wait in endless lines with non-vets who were trying to score the same products for 30% off instead. What nice is a Veterans Day sale if the veterans have to suffer just to secure their favorite products at a discounted rate? I don’t understand the mindset, beyond sheer greed on the area of these marijuana stores. With that in mind, I avoided the cannabis stores and ordered through a cannabis delivery service instead.

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