Using it for PTSD

I’m for sure still figuring it all out but the group therapy and medical marijuana are sure working. Struggling with PTSD has been the toughest challenge of my life so far. Trying to overcome the trauma of warfare is almost tougher than the combat itself. At least when the fighting and carnage was over, it was over. But what I experienced ended up staying with myself and others and just wouldn’t go down. Once I got home, it was even worse. How was I supposed to just transition to normal life after having experienced some of the worst that human beings can heap on one another? Until I learned how to get my medical marijauna card, I wasn’t sure that this was a life that I could continue with. That persistent thought was what kept me motivated to find a way to manage the PTSD. The first step was reaching out to support groups for help. Thankfully in this afternoon and age, help with PTSD is bountiful and people don’t have to suffer in silence. I belong to a group of veterans dealing with much of the same concerns I am. This is where I learned about how to get my medical marijuana card. And that was a lavish addition to my life. The folks I dealt with at the legal weed store were so helpful in getting myself and others to the right cannabis products for my condition. I use cannabis flower products and enjoy the ritual of smoking medical marijuana. I’ve never been a smoker of a weed user prior to getting access to the cannabis dispensary. But I have to say that medical marijuana has been so great for me.

medical uses for cbd