I don't allow any pot in the lake house

None of these impact me the same as a typical dried cannabis flower.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current apartment, and in fact I would find it honestly nice. There is a single reason and this is the Lakehouse. I have absolutely become accustomed to residing in the lake house. I don’t think of myself as a person that loves the outdoors, but there are times when I honestly miss the lake house and its backyard. I love being able to enjoy all of the night sky. I do not miss searching around a big building looking for a parking spot and it is nice to live at the lake house where I am right next to the front door. I also miss being able to smoke outside. The lake house has no policy against smoking cannabis. I haven’t been smoking cannabis at the apartment, but I can smoke anywhere I want in the lake house. There are many different options in this current era so people can still use cannabis and go to the dispensary. It seems like nothing will hit the same as a vape pen. I’ve tried multiple different Indica, sativa, and also hybrid cartridges. None of these impact me the same as a typical dried cannabis flower. Edibles are even the same and it would take me a lot of Edibles to make me feel anything. Then I just sleep appreciate normal and I don’t feel any type of deranged High. I appreciate being lifted into the atmosphere after I blazed up a cannabis joint. There is nothing except the cannabis joint to get that job done everyday and night.


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