Medical marijuana benefits for insomnia

I slept in on a sunny, fall Sunday day last week just because I could.

While I normally prefer to get out and enjoy afternoons like that, it was so nice to linger in bed and just happily doze on and off.

Until I discovered the medical marijuana benefits for insomnia, a day prefer that wasn’t possible. Insomnia is one of the worst situations I have ever had to experience. It sort of whacked me over the head. However, it was a long time coming when I look back on it. I just regularly took rest for granted and never entirely committed to getting the rest I needed. That led to nearly a year of not sleeping. If medical marijuana wasn’t legal in this state, I don’t recognize if I could have continued on living like that. The doctors had to dose me so much with sleeping pills to get me to sleep. But then, it was like being anesthetized. The next day, I’d be strolling around in a fog. Finally, I sought an alternative and ended up at one in a series of cannabis dispensary events. There, I spoke with experts who were entirely knowledgeable in medical marijuana benefits as it related to insomnia. I was intrigued that I promptly got tied up dealing with the cannabis rules of our state so I could access the legal weed store. This was a life changer for sure. After about 2 weeks of medical marijuana treatment, I was sleeping half the night naturally. A few weeks later as well as I was getting 7 hours of pure, restorative sleep and it’s all thanks to cannabis flower products.



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