The people next to us were smoking cannabis

Even though it was a terrible excuse, it worked

Cannabis has a very odd smell and it is very easy to recognize the odor. I have never been a daily cannabis user, but I have tried the plant on a few different occasions. It is certainly a fun and exciting evening with friends. My girlfriend and I went out of town for the weekend and we stayed in a hotel. We were on the first floor of the hotel. Around midnight, my girlfriend and I started to smell a very odd and strange aroma coming from the room next to us. I recognized the smell right away. I knew it was Cannabis. When I told my girlfriend that I thought it was Cannabis as well, she insisted that we call the front desk of the hotel to complain about our neighbors. I certainly didn’t want to contact the front desk. I didn’t want to be a tattletale and I didn’t want any trouble with our neighbors. After all, my girlfriend and I were there for the whole weekend. Instead of contacting the front desk to complain about the smell, my girlfriend and I decided to ask the front desk person if we could switch rooms. The person asked if we were having a problem, but I came up with an excuse. I told the guy at the front desk. The bed was really lumpy. Even though it was a terrible excuse, it worked. The front desk clerk agreed to move us to a different room. We had to pack up all of our items and move to the third floor, but we didn’t have to smell the stench of cannabis anymore that night.

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