There’s some amazing CBD and hemp on the internet

There has been an intense CBD craze in the United States since the federal government broadly legalized the cannabinoid back in 2018.

I see it in gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, plus some medical offices.

It always pains me when I see it being sold at egregious prices. First of all, you’re paying for basic CBD isolate regardless of where you go. The quality is based on how well it was extracted plus processed, with lab tested products being harder to find in many local stores. A lot of the junk you see in smoke shops plus gas stations could have easily been grown using harmful pesticides that are still leftover in the product you finally purchase. If it’s hemp flower products, the occasion of direct pesticide exposure is even higher. Extractors can dilute away some contaminants in some cases, however you can’t do the same thing with hemp flower buds. Even if you get your CBD products from a medical marijuana dispensary that lab tests all of its products, you’re easily paying too much money. There are amazing hemp flower growers out west who sell their products on the internet. You can find fresh harvests plus clean products at much lower prices than what you’re bound to encounter at any random medical marijuana store or gas station. There are some websites that will sell you a pound of hemp flower buds for under $250, plus some of the buds are frigid with CBD trichomes. I have started using CBD products in conjunction with high THC products to great ongoing effects. It helps considerably if I can use the 2 together instead of individually as I get a fantastic synergistic effect.

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